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SELEE's Advanced Ceramic Shapes group include all equipment and accessory products for melt treatment and filtration in aluminum cast shops. Made with the finest quality materials and the latest updated technology, our Advanced Ceramic Shapes ensure bottom-line operational effectiveness.

Filter Bowl & Launder Assemblies

SELEE's precision-engineered filter bowls and launders are unique in the world. Their development and designs are based on our metallurgical engineers' years of experience in the field of aluminum melt filtration and molten metal transfer technology. They are easy to use, durable and are sized for industry-standard filter elements. For the latest technology, consider the SELEE®Staged Filtration System.


The replaceable refractory liners for SELEE® filter bowls and launders are made of high-purity fused silica. They offer the most desirable properties for the demanding cast house environment: non-wetting, corrosion-resistant, insulating, thermal-shock resistant, and high strength.


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