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SELEE Corporate Timeline

Concept of ceramic foam structure for use as a filter medium developed

First Production use of ceramic foam of SELEE structure for filtering liquid aluminum

The SELEE business unit is created

SELEE received Industrial and Development IR 100 Award (“one of the most significant new technical innovations of the year!”)

A plant is commissioned in Hendersonville, NC – soon to be SELEE Corporation world headquarters

Total Quality Management and Statistical Process Control are introduced

Received ISO 9001 certification – one of first 500 companies in U.S.

Obtained Ford Q-1 approval

SELEE became a member of the Porvair family of companies.

Achieved QS-9000 certification – one of first 100 companies in U.S. (upgrade to Third Edition in 1998)

Porvair Advanced Materials created.

Achieved Howmet Certified Supplier Status

SELEE acquired Engineered Ceramics, a manufacturer of dense refractories for the steel, investment castings and other industrial markets.

Achieved ISO 14001:1996 certification

Upgraded to ISO 9001:2000 standard

SELEE introduces CS-X, it's next generation, envionmentally friendly cast shop filter.

Upgraded to ISO 9001:2008 standard

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CS-X, SELEE's next generation cast shop filter, wins Environ-
mental Acheivement Award.


SELEE Corporation
Headquarters/Operations - US


Porvair Selee Filtration Technology (Hubei) Co., Ltd
Operations - China