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SELEE Corporation's Engineered Ceramics division offers a wide variety of metal handling products.

Please visit our sister company, Engineered Ceramics.


Designed for integrity and performance, Engineered Ceramics crucibles can have dramatic effects on the cost effectiveness of your shop. Our crucibles are available in a wide selection of shapes and melting capacities. For extended crucible life and performance, let our engineering team assist you with technical advice on proper selection, correct installation and sound operational practices.

Ladle Liners

Engineered Ceramics' ladle liners, in a large variety of sizes and spout configurations, are strong and efficient, innovative in design and consistent in their high performance. Choose from open-top, or our unique monolithic bottom-pour ladle liners with integrated skimmers.


Our unlimited custom-shape capabilities distinguish us from the competition with spouts and integral crucibles tailored to the needs of your shop. If sizing changes, spout modifications or alterations are necessary to improve your process, you can count on Engineered Ceramics to provide you with prompt and effective solutions.

Pak-Tite Rams

These high-thermal expansion, dry vibratable ramming materials pack easily and provide maximal density with minimal shifting. Pak-Tite Rams are designed for use with Engineered Ceramics' crucibles and ladles and are available in silica and spinel formulations.

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