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Technical Papers

Following are the synopses of some of our most requested technical literature. If you would like to order any of the papers listed, please contact us to request a technical paper. Click here to contact us.

  • Advances in Ceramic Foam Filter Bowls and Filter Preheat System Design

  • Ceramic Foam - A Deep Bed or Caking Filter in Aluminum Cast Shop Operations

  • Development of a Phosphate-free Reticulated Foam Filter Material for Aluminium Cast Houses

  • Effect of Preheat and Priming on the Proper Start-up of Ceramic Foam Filters

  • LiMCA II Evaluation of the Performance Characteristics of Single Element and Staged Ceramic Foam Filtration

  • Performance of a Staged Filtration System Installed at Norandal USA Inc. to Filter Continuous Twin Roll Cast Converter Stock

  • Practical Application of Ceramic Foam Filters in Aluminium Cast Houses

  • Staged Filtration Evaluation at an Aircraft Plate and Sheet Manufacturer

  • Technical Evaluation and Performance Characteristics of Filter Preheat Systems

  • Technical Update on Dual Stage Ceramic Foam Filtration Technology

  • The Development and Performance Evaluation of a Dual Stage Ceramic Foam Filtration System

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